Cute kittens on YouTube are not part of your digital brand… but it’s not a bad idea to tweet, share and even develop viral content based on popular existing memes, such as those involving our furry friends. We live in a mashup culture where it’s entirely accepted to throw together ideas in innovative ways and […]


“It’s all about the experience.” That was the Global Bend motto when we launched; looking over the website just now, I see that the catch-phrase has disappeared. It’s been replaced by new slogans (eg. “Get real results from your website”), as can easily happen in the quick-refresh world of modern web development. That said, I […]


We’re still talking about Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp – as well we should. Here’s a company that most folks in North America had never heard of prior to the big deal, lauded by one of the most famous companies in the universe as the next big thing. (One of the funniest and most […]


Rebranding online has a lot of moving parts, but when it’s done well, it can transform a ‘has-been’ company into a winner all over again. Remember when the Old Spice brand’s most distinguishing brand characteristic was ‘Old’ (a lethal adjective in a business world that worships ‘New’)? No longer. Thanks to a very successful online […]


Forget Linkedin or Craigslist, Lululemon is seeking their new CEO out through a page-sized banner ad on their website. After it was released on Monday that Christine Day was leaving the Vancouver-based retail success story, stocks plummeted and the hunt for a replacement began. Christine is quoted to have said that she is confident the […]